Monday, November 17, 2008

To Whom It Might Also Concern

Dears Bars, Pubs and Food Establishments of the Northeastern Seaboard:

When a patron asks for a Coca Cola Classic, that patron actually wants a Coca Cola Classic. If you only have Pepsi, do not assume that the patron is indifferent. The patron is tired of accidentally having a sip of that nasty stuff when really wanting a Coca Cola Classic. Simply inform that patron that you have Pepsi products, and then the patron can order a water with lemon.

There is a difference, and yes, I can tell!

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the onion said...

Coke actually has employees that go around asking for Coke at restaurants, then taking samples back to the lab, making sure it's actually Coke, and threatening legal action against the establishment if it's not. If it became universal that Coke meant just any cola, Coke could lose its registered trademark. This sort of happened to aspirin, which used to be Bayer's brand name for acetylsalicylic acid before the Treaty of Versailles.

kellie said...

the horror

alisa said...

as a marketer, i'm generally opposed to brands becoming commodities because it makes the branding so much more difficult. however, that isn't what concerns me with coca cola classic in this scenario. i'm tired of getting excited for that first sip of a fresh, ice-cold fountain coca cola classic only to be forced to swallow pepsi. this doesn't even consider the $4 i just dropped on the soda.

the horror is right!

Natalie said...


LifeisPeachey said...

I couldn't agree more! Pepsi=disgusting.

Renee said...

Man...Courtney wasn't kidding when she said that you and I are the same person!!