Monday, May 05, 2008

Friday, May 02, 2008

Unemployed: Day 1

On my walk to Jay's after the "morning" jog (Read: I woke up at 11 and went for a run.) I passed an elementary school. It was PE time. Standing around a giant brightly colored parachute stood about 25 tiny people and one teacher.

My question to you: Where can I get one of those things? That was hands down my most favorite thing to do in elementary school PE (wait, I really loved the scooter things too and crab soccer--crab soccer rocked). How wonderful would it be to play with that everyday while I'm not working?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Like Books Too

While catching up on my blog reading this morning, I got a great idea from Melanie's blog.. She had been book tagged. It was interesting enough. Being the ego-centric person that I am, I felt I could easily participate in this activity even though she hadn't book tagged me or expressed interest in my current reading materials. I began to wonder what a book within close proximity to me would reveal. Working for a legal publisher, there are several boring books on the bookshelf a few feet away that are all written in legalise. This is a foreign language I have yet to master, even after two years. Korean was a breeze compared to this mammoth beast. Anyway, I am now left with two choices (unless you count the February 2008 edition of Spirit Magazine).

Choice #1: Angel Customers and Demon Customers. A gift from one of my many CMOs from the last two years. All us marketers received one and I've yet to open it still. Now's a good a chance as any.

Page 123, 5th Sentence: Does each group have significantly homogeneous needs to be susceptible to common offers and marketing? (yes, it's a question not a sentence, but I'm sure it still counts.

Analysis: The context of this sentence is grouping different target markets by need. The example would be computer companies clumping individuals together and businesses together and targeting the two groups separately. Upon reflection, this is a valid point. Are the needs of the group similar enough that one message will reach them all equally, or do I need to be more specific in my messaging thus dividing each group into more groups? The answer is yes. It is common knowledge that I can come across as rather abrasive upon first introduction. However, this abrasiveness is soon recognized as an expression of my adorableness upon further acquaintance. Nonetheless, I realize that it isn't always the best method to reach new acquaintances.

Choice #2: Eat, Pray, Love. Stolen from Amy where it was stolen from Ashley. Great book and I just got to the Bali part this morning and am now contemplating Bali as a great vacation spot during these unemployment months.

Page 123, 5th Sentence: Like all great philosophical ideas, this one is simplest to understand but virtually impossible to imbibe.

Analysis: I love the word imbibe. I should use it more often. I'm a little annoyed that both of my sentences needed context. Couldn't they be like one of the preceding sentences: But we do have the chance. Or one of the following sentences: No problem. However, today, I must dig deep into my philosophical mind and explore what these books are telling me. Just to spite the cosmic powers I will proceed without context on this sentence. How is it possible to understand something while it is impossible to imbibe? You'd think if you understand something that you can easily absorb it, right? No. Think about how many things you get, but can't explain? Is that not the same thing? Don't most faith-based principles elicit this same paradox? I don't know...just thinking about the illustration of imbibing an idea is interesting contrasted with merely understanding it.

So, I guess my self-imposed book tag proved nothing. Although, I did try to use big words to increase the grade-level of the blog. But for the most part I'm the same. I'll continue to be abrasive upon first introduction--it's my thing, I'm good at it. And I will try to use imbibe more in everyday venacular--and not just in reference to when people are actually drinking.

We All Want the Funny Back

Yes, I have been fighting five-year-olds for a very long time. No one realizes this more than myself. I'm sorry team. I'm sorry. It's just been a difficult month...I got layed off and now I have no job. Oh wait! That's great news. I have all the time in the world to do nothing. Hurray. I will one day blog again. Until then check out this funny blog.