Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

So, I got a promotion a few months back thus making me a manager and eligible for an office. How great it is to graduate from cubicle land and enter the world of my own office. I have a desk that I sit behind making my computer monitor only visible to me. Read between the lines: I can do web-based research without having to have the mouse hovering over the close window box in case someone walks by. I have two guest chairs. Read between the lines: two extra flat services to put stuff. The best part about my office is the awesome vintage furniture. Read between the lines: I have got a hodge podge of crappy old 70s furniture that the Salvation Army didn't even want and a metal bookshelf and filing cabinet. I should start collecting magnets.

All in all, I'm so happy I have an office. It's like a rite of passage. It's like I've officially entered the world of middle management. This is it! I'm officially climbing the corporate ladder one rung at a time. I wonder what will await me on future rungs? An office with matching furniture?

I've known I'd be getting an office for several months but had to wait for the office remodel to be complete for an office to be available. Therefore, in preparation for the big day (the day I moved into my office) I began to think of possible ways to decorate my office. Okay, I didn't really but my friend Natalie gave me a super pretty plant holder for Christmas that I really need to get a plant for. This has caused me to spend several hours thinking about what I should do to decorate. I've got three empty walls--any ideas? There is no color scheme to worry about--anything would match.

The new office also inspired me to finally make my coasters. While shopping with my mom in the Montclaire District, I discovered a mosaic store. They sold all sorts of mosaic things and even had classes. Since I didn't want to drop $200 for a class that I was only semi-interested in, I pulled at an Andrew Jackson and bought a coaster kit. It included everything needed to make 4 mosaic coasters. I mean everything: coasters, glass shards, glue, popsicle sticks, grout, a bowl for mixing, rubber gloves and a mask for safety reasons.

I spent a day glueing pieces of glass to my coasters. Then after several days of glue drying, it was finally time to grout. I got all prepared

and mixed the grout to finish my coasters. It was awesome. I'm pretty sure that I'm the greatest grout maker ever.

Check out the finished project.

Soon, that is as soon as I clean off my desk and remember to take them with me to work, they will liven up my 70s orange wood grain desk and make my office the greatest! Okay, the plant holder will make my office the greatest, but these will definitely help! My office will become the mecca of knowledge and innovation and I will further climb that corporate ladder and be CEO in no time. Please join my in my office for a refreshing beverage and we will discuss the TPS reports.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Where have all the good men gone?

I've recently discovered that the Christian station runs episodes of Growing Pains at 7. I love watching them if I get home from work in time. I remember being a young girl with a crush on Kirk Cameron--man, he has the coolest name. Of course he was all forgotten once Leonardo DiCaprio entered as the struggling youth. Anyway, Leo is a topic to be saved for another blog I'm sure. I remember tonight's two-part episode quite well, thus leading me to believe that it was an Alisa favorite. The entire Seaver family goes on a Carribean Cruise because Jason's mom is getting married. It's a great episode that you should all watch. The most exciting part that I discovered tonight: the grandma is Millie from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! I've often wondered what happened to Jane Powell. Also, thanks to imdb, I was able to discover that she played the dance instructor in the made for tv movie on Jon Benet. I'll have to try and Netflix that one.

Why can't televison be awesome like it used to be?

I'm a gimp, therefore I blog

So after several failed attempts, (by failed I mean I took pictures of great things to blog about but then never got around to thinking of fantastic things to say and start the blog) I'm officially starting this, my blog, on Tuesday, January 30, 2007. This is a monumental day for me as I begin to recap my life and antics to the great beyond. Go ahead, read it, judge me...I'm alright with all of that. Just please, I beg of you all, don't let me know that you've judged me. I'm much better at living in complete ignorance.

I start the story of my life today on the couch in my two bedroom apartment. I pinched a nerve in my neck. Okay, I honestly don't now what I've done, but if I were to be pinched nerve I would feel like this. This originally happened several months ago when I was getting pretty for the day. I was in excrutiating pain for four days and then began to regain portions of my life back and had practically forgotten about the whole traumatic affair until Saturday. Courtney and I were playing tennis and my neck began to hurt again. It came on much slower than the first time, and I'm grateful I was able to start the icing process earlier thus causing this occurence to be far less painful than the first one.

Well the second episode further persuaded me to find a chiropractor here in my new home. (Yes, no longer new since I've been here a year, but I had other things higher on my priority list) I went this morning. She did not fix me; although I do admit that I'm more loose and my neck doesn't hurt as bad. However, she gave me this great ice pack that I can wrap around my neck to really show off all of my chins.

The bad news was she didn't know why my neck hurt. I have to go get xrays on Thursday, yuck! I just wanted her to do a quick little pop/crack and send me on my way. I don't want something to actually be wrong with me. I'm sure this is caused by my own lazy posture, but I'm much too young to be breaking already.