Monday, March 02, 2009

Mom and Dad Came to Visit

You read that correctly. My parents came to New York to visit their favorite daughter. It was fantastic. Now, since the batteries in my camera recently died back in November, I was unable to take any pictures. However, you have no need to fear. With the help of flickr, I will be able to photographically represent their entire trip.

First my parents:


They flew in early Thursday morning. That night we ate delicious Italian food (even though they were out of salmon) and saw Lauren Graham and Oliver Platt in "Guys and Dolls."

Friday, mom and I got facials:

Dad met up with us and we got pizza and went to Rice to Riches (so delicious). Dad had spent the day walking back and forth from Times Square to Grand Central just to get us tickets to see "In the Heights." Sorry I didn't teach you about the "shuttle" beforehand.

Saturday we had brunch at Alice's Tea Cup (a place that I'm pretty sure my mom wishes she was at with all of her granddaughters) and then took a nap before having a delicious Valentine's Dinner at Jane.

We went to church on Sunday and then had a delicious tuna fish sandwich at Union Square Cafe for lunch. We sat at the bar and were served by a Brigham look-alike. He even gave me free cookies, I'm a fan!

Monday we went to the Guggenheim and then to Gramercy Tavern for dinner. It was delicious (the restaurant more so than the Gugg). Tuesday I had to abandon them in order to go to school but we met up for lunch and cupcakes before I sent them on their way. Thanks for coming to visit mom and dad. I had a blast!


kjjbaker said...

Looks just like me in the pictures. We had a great time in New York. Alisa is our favorite in N.Y.

alisa said...

i just realized i gave you a beard in both pictures, dad...maybe you should consider growing one.

kjjbaker said...

your mother does not like beards - I will continue to conform.

ReaRiahRoa said...

Alisa - you look so much like your mom. It's incredible!

courtney said...

that was amazing--if this is the fruits of catholicism, sign me up!

Mackenzie said...

Remember how you used to blog? I miss those days. oh, good ol' Lent...